Tizi Oussem-Refuge-Lepiney-Imlil Part 2

The morning of the next day, we took our breakfast, prepared our gear and started our way down to Tizi Oussem. Frankly speaking, this was no walk in the park. Firstly we were ill equipped, with no crampons and no axes. It was a dangerous thing not to bring this gear because we would soon discover the snow that we crossed yesterday with ease was now solid ice due to extreme temperatures in the night. With only our hiking sticks and not so good boots, we proceeded carefully throug the first passage right next to Lepiney, but my stress jumped through the roof when my friend couldn't make sur steps all while seeing the deadly slope at our left. I tried to calm down and called for mohammed our leader to make deeper holes with his shoes but it was clear it was not possible due to solid snow. It was then that I decided if we make it past this icy section I will not proceed with the treck down the moutain unless we are rightly equipped. Simo, much appreciated, decided to return alone to the hut and brought an ice axe, which he used to dig dipper holes, with great effort, and consequently insure safer steps and more balance for us. We carried on our way through the next two passages and followed simo through some shortcuts down the valley, the snow through them didn't mute into ice yet which was safer walk through. 

The photo of the refuge here shows the blocks of solid ice that we had to walk through.

We arrived to the Ighouliden cascades, took some photos and crazy videos, drunk some orange juice and a warm tea, then proceeded carefully to Tizi oussem where we finally arrived around 14h.