Akechour cascades

Last weekend I and my friend Salah visited the blue pearl : Chefchaouen. It is a city in northern Morocco, a small one, with blue painted walls, a signature unique to this beautiful city. Not so far from Chefchaouen is a small town called Akechour, it is a 45 minutes drive away. Akechor is ideal for a 6 hours hike inside a deep forest, the trees covering the hike path are ideal to shield you from the burning rays of the sun. We arrived at Chefchaouen Friday evening, at 7 p.m. We then checked in a beautiful hostel called Maison d'hote Bousaid, that we found on Booking.

Saturday early in the morning, we took our breakfast then headed to Akechour and arrived around 9 am. We started our hike, a total 6 hours deep in the jungle of Akechour, with some nice resting places on the banks of the river flowing down. After 2 hours and half of steady walking, we finally arrived  at the Akechour great cascades. the water was not abondant, this I must say was a bit decieving, but the two fine lines of water falling from 50 meters altitude gave a nice view, with all the good vibes from the people celebrating their arrival there, swimming and chilling around.  Me and Salah took a refreshing swim in the freezing cascades waters. I even stood under the cascades, with the water falling on my head from approximately 50 meters altitude, it was cold and breathtaking, yet it felt so well. 

Here are some informations about this hike, along with some pictures I took with my old s7 Samsung camera. Thanks for reading so far, and do not forget to visit Chefchaouen, a beautiful city with a vibrant mood and a nice population : 

Place : Akechour, link on google maps : https://goo.gl/maps/43z9H4tx7RWbN2Lq5

Total hike time : 6 hours

Total hike distance : 16Km

Difficulty : Medium

sunrise from Maison d'hote Bousaid hostel
A view on Chefchaouen city from Maison d'hote Bousaid hostel
Signs indicating the path to follow to Akechour great cascades
me under the cascades
me under the cascades
a picture of the cascades
a picture of the cascades
a picture of the cascades