GIT and Github

I will host here a series of blog posts about Git and its commands. I will present the most useful Git commands in my day to day work , starting from git init to the the nuts and bolts of merging and rebasing, and how to work with Git hosting services such as Github..

  1. Starting a git repository

  2. basic Git configuration

  3. Stage and Commit

  4. Introduction to gitignore

  5. History with log, different formats of log command

  6. What has been added between two commits ? An introduction to Git show command

  7. Branching (branch, checkout,reset)

  8. Stashing

  9. Merging (merge, cherry-pick)

  10. Solving conflicts

  11. Rewriting history with git rebase (squashing)

  12. Working with Github

  13. Git and IDEs integration (Eclipse, Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text 3)

  14. Backing up Git