Add a shared folder to your Ubuntu VM in VM VirtualBox Manager

Virtual machines managers are great tools to install an other OS on the same machine without going to the hussle of installing it physically. In my case, I use VM VirtualBox Manager. I find myself always in need to share files between my host machine and the guest VM. It is a lenghty process, so I will present here the necessary steps to do it :

  1. Open VM VirtualBox Manager

2. Create your shared folder in your host machine (Windows 10 in my case)

3. In VM VirtualBox Manager, Click on Settings, Select Shared Folders on the left, then click on the New Folder icon as highlighted

4. Select the shared folder created in Windows, Check Auto-Mount, and enter your mount point, that is where you will find the shared folder in the guest machine (Ubuntu)

5. The shared folder has been created in VM VirtualBox Manager

6. The shared folder pops up instantly in the Ubuntu VM

7. If you can't access your folder in Ubuntu, add your user to vboxsf group, by running : sudo adduser your_user_here vboxsf

8. I added some files on my host machine to test the shared folder

9. They are successfully displayed in the guest machine too

10. if you want to access your shared folder in the guest machine, cd to where you mounted it as shown in step 4

Keep learning !